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Both breasts and nipples are very important elements when it comes to erogenous zones, and they are often not given the necessary stimulation. At the Jaipur call girls time of sex, often only a kiss or a quick lick are the stimuli that are given and that the partner perceives as sufficient in terms of stimulate the nipples and caressing his/her partner. 

However, there is much more to do, more innovative, fun and exciting ways to avoid routine and stimulate each other during sex. Stimulate the nipples can, among other things, increase arousal before penetration, increase the thrill of the moment and, in some cases, even bring an orgasm. 

Yes, some people take such delight in the stimulation of this part of the body that they feel a current of pleasure that radiates and leads to orgasm. 

Is orgasm through nipple stimulation for everyone? Well, maybe not. But it is true that it doesn’t cost anything to try it and it is quite an appetising activity.

What you should know before you start to stimulate the nipples…

Even those who do not feel great arousal from the Siliguri call girls boobs, need to devote special attention and make a proper stop to explore this region when making love to their partner, as this area concentrates a large number of nerve endings, causing their sensitivity to be increased. 

Of course, factors such as age, hormonal activity and the shape of the breasts and nipples will cause the sensation or pleasure to vary, however, stimulating them will make the partner feel more lubricated and aroused and therefore kissing and caressing them should not be out of the range of caresses.

However, it is also important to understand that, as this is a very sensitive area, the use of force or intensity of touch must be gentle, warm and Gwalior call girls sensual, otherwise the experience is likely to be ruined or become painful and uncomfortable.

Tips for mastering to stimulate the nipples

Those who think that stimulating the nipples is only for women are wrong. By stimulating your Mathura call girls partner’s nipples, you will not only increase their arousal, but you will discover new sensations, caresses and stimulation. Therefore, nipple stimulation tips are for anyone who is interested in giving nipple stimulation special attention, regardless of gender. 

Start slowly

Haste is the enemy of perfection, but even more so when it comes to caressing such a sensitive region. Gentle caresses, with hands and fingers, or with the tongue, are a great way to start the stimulation, setting the mood and excitement for the moments that follow.

Hands in action

Massaging the area can be a good aperitif before taking them into the mouth and increasing the level of intensity. Slow movements in circles are perfect for creating real pleasure for the woman. In addition, the use of lubricating products or nipple creams will make the movements more relaxing and pleasurable.

Tongue, lips and rubbing

Some say that oral stimulation is the most pleasurable, both to do it and to receive it, because other senses are also stimulated, such as taste, by feeling the taste of the Siliguri call girls partner, and smell, by feeling closer to the body. 

For this stage, it is recommended to start slowly and gradually, touching them with the tip of the tongue and letting the partner feel the breath around their body. Then kiss and lick them gently, and let your mouth have more and more contact with the nipple.

Squeeze, suck and even bite them. Although in this last sense you have to have a good communication and understand if your sexual partner also likes it.

Experiment and innovate to stimulate the nipples

Over time, sex can become a little boring and routine, and with breast and nipple stimulation it could be no different. Experiment with new techniques and accessories to prevent this from happening.

Try using an ice cube for nipple stimulation, the cold will trigger some interesting nerve activation. The same goes for heat, which can be obtained through lubricants with that effect, commonly found in sex shops.

Nipple massagers and other sex toys should not be left out of the equation either. And even more intense stimulation such as BDSM, depending on the boldness of the couple.

As we have seen, when it comes to nipple stimulation, it’s not all about the touch or the licking itself, but about the whole moment. Kisses, caresses, accessories, everything is essential to produce the desired pleasure with the partner.

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