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The mouth, teeth, tongue and saliva are very important parts when it comes to having sex. They are intimate parts capable of giving a lot of pleasure. The Jaipur Escorts Service most important and popular part is sexual kissing. But how many of them are there? And more importantly, why do they excite so much?

It depends on the area of the body where it is given, the tongue movements, pressure and amount of saliva used. Just by closing your eyes and imagining it, you can start to ignite the spark. With just one kiss it is possible to express and demonstrate a multitude of sensations and feelings. In addition to determining what will happen next.

This April 13th is the International Kissing Day, perfect to celebrate it by putting into practice everything we have learned in this post. There is even a category of awards for the best kisses in films and series such as the MTV Movie Awards. As well as being used as advertising campaigns. For example, Pfizer did it for the anniversary of the blue pill (Viagra) or to raise awareness of a rare disease, Pulmonary Hypertension, both encouraging people to give blue kisses.

Unleash the passion with sexual kissing 

Some people talk about creating a “kissipedia”, a kind of Kamasutra or encyclopaedia with all the types of sexual kisses that exist. However, the most important thing is that they can be experienced and enjoyed.

Many classify them as foreplay, but they turn out to be much more than that. In many countries it is tradition to give one, two or even three kisses as a form of greeting. And the fact is that each Siliguri Escorts Service person attaches importance to kissing and understands it in a different way. There are even those who think they are very personal and reserve them for their trusted partner. That is why it is possible to find an escort or male escort on Skokka, for instance, who doesn’t want to kiss on the mouth.

Besides being aware of all the muscles and bacteria normally involved during a kiss. Experts assure that even certain hormones in charge of happiness and adrenaline can be released. 

Types of sexual kissing that exist

In many films, series, dramas, novels and romantic stories or stories with some adult or Gwalior escorts service erotic content, a multitude of different kisses appear. They can range from the most innocent kisses on the cheek to provocative kisses on the corner of the lips, the neck and other more erogenous areas.

There are also more intense kisses when it comes to mouth to mouth. From a simple and gentle pressure of the lips, to rubbing, or when tongues are involved. Not to mention the intercalation with a nibble or lick of the other person’s lips or when kissing the partner’s fingers.

But the most important and least known sexual kisses are undoubtedly the following:

Black or Greek Kiss

Like the sexual practice with the same name, it is the one in which the mouth comes into contact with the anus. That is to say, as if it were oral sex but instead of the genitals, in another area Mathura escorts service. This type of sexual kissing may cause some kind of rejection due to the taboo, but it is very pleasurable. They may seem more popular among homosexuals but they are not the only ones who enjoy them. 

White Kiss

A new trend that seems to be getting increasingly popular. It is so named because it is a kiss that is given mouth to mouth when one’s mouth is full of semen. That is, after performing oral sex on a person with a penis and keeping the sperm in the mouth. 

Red sexual kissing

In the same way as the previous one, it is a type of sexual kissing that is done after performing oral sex. But in this case, it is to a person with a vagina. More specifically when she has her period. So it receives a name quite appropriate for the occasion.

Rainbow Kiss

This sexual kiss is possibly one of the least known. It is one that is given, like the previous ones, after Jalandhar escorts service oral sex. But on this occasion, it has to be mutual, that is to say, like the 69 position, at the same time. In this way, when kissing, semen and menstrual blood are mixed, from which the mixture of colours comes out. 

Singapore Kiss

This is one of the few sexual kisses that does not involve the mouth. So how is it done? It is a kiss that “gives” the vagina to the penis during penetration. How is it done? This requires the contraction of the vaginal muscles. This area can be trained and toned thanks to different activities such as Kegel exercises. 

It is a little more complicated than the rest, but very satisfying. If done in a controlled way, the pressure of the area increases the friction and sensitivity for both partners.

Eskimo or Polynesian Kiss

One of the most innocent without a doubt. No mouths are involved here either. It simply consists of rubbing each other’s noses as a sign of affection. Again, depending on the intention or what happens before and after, it is a gesture that can be interpreted in different ways.

French sexual kissing

This type is quite well known and very popular. Especially for those who are just starting to kiss. Because it refers to the one that is given and involves a lot of tongue. Something more intimate and fiery that usually evolves into something more. Although it can also be enjoyed during different more explicit sexual practices, not only during foreplay.

Lizard Kiss

This is similar to the previous one. But the only difference is that only the tongues are involved. Similar to how the animals that give name to these sexual kisses use this part of the body.

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