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Women are from Venus and men are from Mars. Who hasn’t https://www.jayakumari.com/heard this phrase before? No one today doubts the great difference between the two genders. But this does not imply that there is a script that indicates how they work. It is certainly something that puzzles everyone. It seems that in the case of women it is “somewhat clearer” since it is more common to talk about it. But what about them, is it taken for granted that they are more straightforward and easier to please? So how do you get male satisfaction?

Today there are many things that are often associated with one or the other gender. So doing it more or less consciously is often used to please them. In the male case it would be to praise his ego, his manhood, beer, friends, let him play video games or invite him to the bar to watch a soccer game or car race. But how close is this to the truth?

Improve 2022 and all your relationships with men

Last day of the year and like all, but especially this one, https://www.jayakumari.com/siliguri-call-girl/ there are many people looking forward to 2022. There are always wishes and goals for this new year, 365 new opportunities to advance and grow. In this sense, there is always a desire to be better, to feel fulfilled and to please and satisfy everyone you love the most. Especially if it is a lover or a partner. 

That is why it is important to know how to do it. And as hard as it may be to believe, not all men are the same. So how can you achieve male satisfaction with 3 simple tricks? Well, because they are different, although a series of patterns can be observed. 

So, once identified, it is easier to make them happy, for one night or more. The latter is up to each individual to decide.

Understanding men to achieve male satisfaction

Mission impossible? No, Skokka is here to help, as always. So https://www.jayakumari.com/gwalior-call-girl/ here are the most important things to keep in mind if you want to make them happy and be a great person they want to have around. Whether it’s as a sex partner, a partner, a friend…


Yes, they have always been the ones who have to take the first step, take the risk and go for it, to see if they get lucky. But it turns out that they also love to feel desired and to be seduced.

This is true in any case for male satisfaction. That is, between the sheets, with foreplay, intimately but also emotionally. When a person is confident, it shows and that attracts. Making some spicy comment, daring and provoking him usually drives them crazy. Using jokes, small frictions… But always when everyone feels comfortable, if these situations are forced it can be worse. That’s why approaching, testing and seeing how he reacts can be a first step.

Communication and understanding for male satisfaction

This can be basic for any person, really. To https://www.jayakumari.com/call-girl-in-mathura/ make him happy, it is first necessary to know the things he likes, cares about, hobbies… The better you know that particular man the easier it will be to please him. 

Does he fit the above-mentioned clichés? Does he enjoy good food? Is he sporty? Does he play video games? Does he love new technologies? These can be good conversation starters to get to know each other. Find out what he does for a living, what he studied, where he lives… These are steps that allow you to get to know each other emotionally and physically. 

From there, you can make moves. Plan your perfect date and surprise him, make him laugh, support and help him with any problems he may have… Plus, see how genuinely you are interested in his life and that you really care about what he says delights him. Active listening, real interest and being interested in what they have to say helps everything to flow better. But above all, it helps to achieve the real goal, male satisfaction.

The understanding part is even more important if there are any “accidents” or more taboo sexual situations. Such as issues of size, duration, or related to the supposed “male virility” or what it is “supposed to be”.

Though, be careful not to confuse interest and understanding with complacency. In other words, do not worship him as a god. Well, at least not all the time. If there is something you don’t like, even if he does, it is better to be clear from the first moment.

Expanding sexual horizons

Yes, in addition to the spooning, doggy style or missionary there is a whole sexual world. Thousands of different practices, positions, places, fantasies and fetishes. It is very important to know what each person’s tastes and preferences are. The same as if they would like to use some kind of erotic toy, maybe a blindfold, handcuffs, rope, vibrator… Or even maybe it is not something but someone else.

The best thing is to have a space of trust and to https://www.jayakumari.com/call-girls-in-jalandhar/ be able to talk about things. Discuss the things you want to try, the limits, and then let yourself go. Avoid thinking too much and make all your fantasies come true. However, what many repeat in surveys is to ensure mutual pleasure in all relations. So it is better to stop pretending and lead the way. 

Besides to read about sexuality, some erotic books or tricks on how to improve sexual skills and techniques to surprise and drive him completely crazy.